Dr Colin Dale

Dr Colin Dale

Dr Dale has been an Executive Nurse in three Learning Disability and Mental Health NHS Trusts; has worked as a professional adviser to the RCN, NIMHE, NPSA and the Department of Health and has a track record of research publications and international conference presentations.

He has successfully worked on a large number of projects in recent years including: national projects with the Royal College of nursing, the Offender Health Services, the Youth Justice Board together with and a number of local and regional projects for individual Trusts and organisations.

Dr Dale has led: the review of 38 Homicides by Mental Health Service users in the North West of England; the thematic review of 40 Homicides by Mental Health Service users in London; the review of 81 unexpected deaths in the North East of England; and works as an independent investigator in SUI’s in the health and prison services.

He is a member of the Mental Health Review Tribunal, a Trustee of the British Institute of Learning Disabilities, the Chair of Trustees for the Restraint Reduction Network and was the mental health adviser with the National Patient Safety Agency.

Dr Dale has organised and run an International Conference on the Care and Treatment of People with Learning Disabilities and Offending Behaviour for the last 20 years and edits an international quarterly Journal known by the same title.

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