Dr Wendy Helen Brown

Dr Wendy Helen Brown B.Med.Sci, MBChB, MRCPsych. Dr Brown is currently consultant psychiatrist in the EIS provided by Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and, in addition to direct work with service users, provides clinical leadership to the team. She has worked as a substantive Consultant in General Adult Psychiatry, for since 2006.  Previously, she has provided clinical leadership to a Crisis Resolution Team covering a large geographical area with a demanding and variable caseload.  She supervises junior doctors and non-medical prescribers, and has held medical management roles and as such has worked with colleagues at a very senior level within the Trust.  Her main management roles were as Associate Clinical Director (Feb 2013 – April 2014) progressing then to Clinical Director for the Trust (January 2014 – December 2016).  She is also approved under section 12 (2) of the Mental Health Act.1983

These roles have involved working at a senior level within the Trust to engage the medical workforce and form a strong link between clinicians and operational management.  They have been varied roles including consultant job planning, dealing with complaints, supporting transformational change and linking with external stakeholders.

In her role as Clinical Director Dr Brown was an active member of the Serious Incident Group for the Trust, chaired by the medical director.  She has been the medical lead investigator for high profile incidents within the Trust including inpatient deaths.  Dr Brown is trained in Root Cause Analysis.

Dr Brown has recently completed a 360 degree appraisal with the Royal College of Psychiatrists.  The results highlighted her excellent relationships with colleagues and patients – this included communication, approachability, ensuring patient involvement in decision making and sharing information appropriately (colleagues); and in communicating with patients clearly and including the needs of their families in their care plan (patients).  These are key skills in ensuring the development of good relationships with internal and external partners.

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