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Caring Solutions (UK) Ltd.

Caring Solutions (UK) Ltd have been investigating serious incidents independently since 2007. After the Strategic Health Authorities (SHAs) established framework agreements the company was successful in securing agreements with four of the SHAs (NHS London, NHS Yorkshire and the Humber, NHS East Midlands and NHS South West). Subsequently the company has completed 17 independent reviews all of which have been published on the respective SHA Sites (now archived at the British National Archive website).

The company was successful in being appointed to the national framework for the independent review of serious incidents in November 2013 by NHS England following a competitive tendering exercise and were reappointed to the framework in 2017. The company has successfully completed a number of independent reviews of care and treatment from different regions of NHS England including a thematic review for NHS England (South) in 2017.

In addition to the SHA commissions the company has also completed numerous (over 20) sensitive independent reviews and reviews into high profile cases commissioned by individual Trusts. Notably a number of these commissions have related to Learning Disability services where the company has a number of personnel with particular expertise in this area.

The company has also completed reviews for the independent sector including the National Autistic Society, as well as for the Ministry for Justice and the Gibraltar Health Service.

For the past 20 years, Caring Solutions (UK) Ltd have organised and held an annual; international conference on the care and treatment of offenders with an intellectual disability. This conference is the largest in the world within this specialty. The conference attracts delegates from Europe, Australasia, and the Americas. Keynote speakers are drawn from all continents. The running of this event entails all of the logistical planning, sourcing of speakers, printing of materials, and financial planning for an event that attracts 250 people annually. Caring Solutions routinely evaluate this conference and use this to refine future events.

In the early years of the conference, proceedings were produced, which later developed into a dedicated website for conference attendees, and 15 years ago, an academic journal was launched, which runs in parallel to the conference and is edited by the CEO of Caring Solutions (Dr Colin Dale).

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