The Learning Disabilities Mortality Review (LeDeR) Programme

Supporting the local community, making positive changes.

Our services

Caring Solutions are the foremost independent LeDeR reviewer in the UK. Associates with a strong clinical background in Learning Disability have undergone the accredited UK Bristol University training and undertaken numerous LeDeR reviews to hone their skills and insights. The company is well placed to undertake commissions of any size for organisations keen to deal with any backlog of cases or those wishing to gain the benefits of an independent scrutiny.

Caring Solutions(UK) Ltd are able to:

  • Carry out local LeDeR reviews
  • Identify any key themes that may have impacted on or influenced care
  • Establish if there are any lessons to be learnt and to ensure that there are actions put in place to reduce the risk of reoccurrence where applicable
  • Provide mentorship to local reviewers
  • Review local barriers to delivering the LeDeR programme

The team at Caring Solutions (UK) Ltd includes a clinical panel including nursing and medical expertise and members with expertise in qualitative and quantitative analysis.  A lay carer is a key member of the team. Members of the team have experience in working with people with a learning disabilities and quantitative and qualitative thematic analysis. 

Caring Solutions (UK) ltd have a good understanding of services having completed work throughout the UK and overseas on a number of reviews of services and the investigation of serious untoward incidents. We believe that our knowledge of services will aid the understanding of the challenges that they face and their current working practices.

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